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Cosmetic Facial Treatments

Skin Care & Products

Whether you’d like to smooth away lines and wrinkles, get rid of blemishes or simply give your complexion a boost, you’ll find a unique range of skincare treatments here at the Harwood Clinic.

Unlike, many spas or salons, we can offer treatments that are only available to skincare professionals, giving you access to the latest, most innovative advances in skincare. All our treatments are designed to be holistic, which means your treatment will always start with an initial, no obligation consultation, where we can find out more about you and the results you’d like to achieve, taking into account your age, your lifestyle and your budget. Our skincare treatments have been developed by doctors, making them safe and very effective.

The Obagi Skincare System
The Obagi Skincare System is one of the best-known names in skincare and is the preferred choice of many doctors and skincare specialists, comprising a range of prescription-strength skincare treatments and products designed to help transform the look and feel of your complexion.

Beaute Pacifique
Beaute Pacifique is a Danish skincare company renowned for holistic skincare products and treatments that bridge the gap between cosmetic and medical remedies. The Beaute Pacifique range is designed for both the face and body and is suitable for all skin types, young and mature.

Laresse Dermal Filler

Laresse is a scientifically advanced dermal filler designed to leave your skin flawless and wrinkle-free. Unlike many other dermal fillers, Laresse is free from any animal, bacterial or chemical by-products with a pure non-toxic formula that’s very safe and gentle on skin.

Laresse was specifically created by skincare experts to plump and revive the skin, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin looking flawless. During treatment, the clear, colourless, ultra-smooth Laresse gel is gently injected into the areas requiring treatment, using a very fine needle and just a single Laresse treatment can last as long as 6 months.


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